Those who plan, choose us.

The competition in the international market is a constant stimulus for our group. The path is determined by growth, which must be kept informed and profitable, and is laid out based on the knowledge of potential customers, of those who operate in the market or are entering it.

Our ability to participate actively and proactively in negotiations has led to a fact: today, 80% of new customers who analyse the investment in detail choose Working Process. We think that the investment is the heart of a business plan and of a company and determines its fate for the next 10/15 years.

Flexibility and cutting-edge technology.

“Made in Germany”, as an approach to business and design, is a real benchmark for us. In the context we are in, in a technologically mature yet static market, we also needed to find our niche by means of a profound technical and systemic revolution.

Wanting to be the choice for players, dealers, and customers by expressing our originality and diversity, combining an image of flexibility at an advanced, cutting-edge high technological level, has led us to want to be “beyond the competitors”.. ironically, more German than the Germans.

A question of tactics and game.

So we started by choosing the best (partner) to compete in, or rather, to win in an international market, with one assumption: we have to and want to be a team. We want to continue with our mission to create a work environment that, as a result of investment, makes every aspect of work life better, both in terms of personal needs and in economic/financial terms. And to do that, we need to be a group that looks and walks in the same direction.