Who we are: Working Process Story


Working Process is born, revolutionizing the production method.


The construction of the first plant completed.


Prefinished, Pre-milled, Pre-squared production method becomes the absolute trend.


The mechanical construction – optimisation and the programming opens the doors in the main European market.


Team” method, a new production approach.


Logos Life” concept is born.


Logos Life Evo” is born.


Research is the engine that drives the progress and development of the individual and of society in general. Human history teaches us that the aim of research is also to acquire new knowledge, which can be practically applied in everyday life and can be useful for economic well-being and improving quality of life.

Wherever you find research and development, it means that a company is looking atown present situation, at the market, the opportunities, the future, and at the past to learn from mistakes (its own and those of others) and bring new ideas and proposals to the market every day in order to remain competitive and improve its ability to adapt.

Conducting research and development requires curiosity and the desire to work hard, measuring forces and believing in yourself and your own resources.


As the Greek philosopher Aristotle taught us, man has always wondered what the meaning of his existence was and tried to understand and decode the world around him, guided by an infallible and innate weapon: the desire for knowledge.

Curiosity as an inquisitive desire regarding the nature of an object or phenomenon is the fuel of science and human study; it arises from the desire to understand the infinite dimensions of reality and ensures that the search for answers to questions, even question far removed from practical applications, leads to important discoveries and innovations.