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The real value

We have achieved the goal ofrevolutionisingthe methods of machining wooden frames. And we found that in order to win you need to surround yourself with the right people at the right time.

The group's products

The daily challenge

Making a difference means being different. It means facing challenges and difficulties with lateral thinking, without neglecting anything. Every single day.

Our mission

The flexible WP machining centres are made by applying the key principles of our company mission: precision, flexibility, productivity, and reliability.

Working Process S.r.l. began its activity in 2000 with a well-defined mission: to revolutionise the methods of machiningwooden frames.

The high-capacity lines marked CML are designed and built based on customers’ needs.

Together we have created the sector identity.

The secret? Research, development, and dialogue with all players in the market. Knowledge is a good to be shared, not a luxury for the few.

Some salient facts concerning Working Process’s activities and progress, from when it was founded to the present day.


Year of foundation: the needs of the market saw the arrival of large and small angular systems with increased flexibility, but a consequent reduction in productivity.


LOGOS IWC: The first fully automatic machining centre by Working Process. Tenoning, drilling, milling, and interior and exterior profiling in a single machine.


Working Process acquired CML Machinery to create a technological hub dedicated to expanding Working Process’s product range.


To find a machining method that is easy for the customer, effective, and that eliminates errors and avoids logic problems. To simplify the process, thus creating profit.

S.P.I.N. is an acronym that summarises the four stages of interest in setting up a new business or converting a laborious economic commitment into profit. Our consultants work to make investments profitable and to illustrate what the best production and market strategiesare, especially in relation to trends and nationally and international productivity.

Situation: I need to change, replace a machine, or completely renovate my company’s windows and doors production line.

Problems: At first glance, all production systems seem similar. How do I find the best solution without a method of comparing the various systems on the market? How do I know that the choice I make today will meet the challenges of tomorrow?

Implications: Competition is increasingly fierce. New technologies quickly make production systems obsolete. The windows and doors market is evolving rapidly.

Needs: To define my business plan for the future (objectives and vision). To define a business model that will allow me to achieve these objectives. To define the critical factors for success. To find an objective method for comparing the various windows and doors production systems on the market. To choose the right system.

What do they think of us?

Customer testimonials.

WP is for us a very dynamic, innovative and reliable partner. Our next machine will be a WP…for sure!

Ost Manufaktur

Sehr zufrieden mit Maschine. höchst variabel, minimalste Querschnitte und kurze Teile möglich, sehr effizient, überdurchschnittliche gute Qualität.

Huber Fenster

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WORKING PROCESS S.r.l. began its activity in 2000 with a well-defined mission: to revolutionise the methods of machining wooden frames. Since its early days, it has drawn on the skills and experience of people who have been working in the field of woodworking for many years, particularly focusing on “windows”. The idea is to improve the method of machining according to “pre-finished” product concepts, pushing it to the limit.

The entire range of production lines and compact machining centres is made by applying the key principles of the company “Mission”: precision, flexibility, productivity, and reliability. These principles pave the road that Working Process is following to make its “vision” of the working environment of the future come true: an environment that must be adopted by frame manufacturers, that improves all aspects of working life as a result of the investment, both in terms of personal needs and in economic/financial terms.

Inspired by the ideas of the utilitarian economist Jeremy Bentham, who lived between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which can be summarised as “real progress improves lives”, Working Process forged its own pay-off: Working Process manufacturers of real progress. For the first time, the “4Ps”™ concept is introduced: Pre-finished, Pre-milled, Pre-squared, Pre-Ready. Working Process owns the copyright for this concept and its synthesis gives rise to the most important and modern revolution in the woodenframes production sector.

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