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Working Process S.r.l. began its activity in 2000 with a well-defined mission:
to revolutionise the methods of machining wooden frames and doors.

Through the constant evolution of the “Product, Process, Concept”

scheme we have involved the best specialists and influencers in the industry.

These include many window and door manufacturers from all over the world:

the right people, at the right time.

The winning team.

product lines

Logo WP

Fully automated flexible machining centres for the production of
door and window frames, doors and solid wood structural elements.
A comprehensive range meeting the needs of both small businesses and large industries.

Logo CML

Fully customizable high-capacity production lines for doors and wooden windows, where ideas are transformed into efficient, reliable production plants based on an intimate knowledge of production processes and on the ability to integrate projects into company organizations.

Logo WPS

Systems supporting and completing the production process.
Integration of different technological brands, managed and introduced in
a Working Process project preserving the same quality,
efficiency and reliability.


WP Consulting

A company network consisting of skills and experience transformed into services. Planning, innovating and growing, while managing costs and risks.
An integrated vision with one objective: positive and advantageous change.

WP Service

Working Process Service is more than a company division:
it’s an attitude.
Own dynamics, customer logics protecting the investment.




We want to be the specialists in the field of machines and systems for the production of solid wood windows, doors and elements. Our mission is to revolutionize the methods of processing wooden frames and doors for being the bravest company on the market. Courage that gives rise to our TWC philosophy, “Technology Without Compromises”, which has led us to overcome the machine’s conventional limits, thanks to the involvement of all the people working at Working Process and all the external partners of the entire supply chain. We dedicate our days to the development of the most advanced ideas to be applied to the production of wooden frames and doors. In other words we realize advanced technology, dedicated only to those who produce windows and doors following the production process in it’s entirely.

We don’t want to do anything else.

Work, passion and knowledge, aimed at the service of man aimed at making work life better in all its aspects, both in terms of personal needs, and from an economic and financial point of view.

1 Group founded in 2000, therefore young but innovative by nature, with 2 brands that develop ideas for 5 divisions, the result of investments equal to 15% of our turnover, which led us to realize over the years, 568 plants and machines for the production of wooden windows and  doors.

on 3 continents.

The only numbers we don’t mind in our year of work are:

3.000.000 kilometres, 234 flights, 128 fines, 62.520 coffees, all with a single objective, our fixed nail, … be on time with your WINDOW 4.0 and your DOOR 4.0, with our WP solution.