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We have achieved our goal of revolutionising ways of working wooden doors and windows.

Through the constant evolution of the ‘Product, Process, Concept’ pattern, we have involved the best specialists and influencers in the industry. Among them, many window and door manufacturers from all over the world: the right people, at the right time. The Winning Team.

WP – Flexible Productivity

Hi tech window lines

CML – High Capacity Lines

Wooden doors and windows machines

working process freccina

Service & Spare Parts

We bet on people.
The real value is meeting, dialogue, mutual debate. Let’s leave the mechanical work to the machines.

We are proud to continue to prefer direct and personal contact as the best way of working and servicing. The key to the success of all our challenges is our human resources: our team, made up of people who are highly qualified in the technical and working field.

We are always there for you!

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working process freccina

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