When you have someone at your side who knows where to go and especially what to do, things are much more simple. Not necessarily easier, but simpler.

Building on the most advanced ideas and based on the most stringent necessities, WP ENGINEERING can follow the production process in its entirety. From the stages of drawing up the business plan, analyzing the project and developing the production process, we can determine the best alternatives and the most effective methods for the efficient design of the production unit, including all the related activities: structural and graphic layout, integration with company software, logistics.

Growth is important, and we can help you grow at your best!


Medium and long-term planning of commercial strategies is the key to being always up-to-date and competitive in production methods and innovation. We can provide effective web marketing development and punctual communication & advertising activities to successfully respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Thanks to its experience and commercial skills and based on an in-depth analysis of the existing and potential markets, WP MARKETING&SALES can lay out the route to becoming a leading company with a vibrant presence on the scene, strengthening your business credibility and promoting real growth.

We are always eager to take up a challenge!


We propose to be your travelling companion but we won’t limit our work to a single aspect: what we offer is a complete check-up, a cross-section of all the corporate and business aspects of the sector.

That’s why WP FINANCE gives a fundamental contribution: thanks to an thorough economic/financial analysis of your company, WP FINANCE can set up the financial project in the best possible manner, based on years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of financial facilitations that can effectively promote the development of business enterprises.

We do not focus on just one aspect, but embrace the totality of your business, applying an expert eye to identifying innovative strategies that are specifically tailored to your needs and therefore truly effective.

That’s why WP CONSULTING 4.0 is your ideal partner!


Many companies, or entrepreneurs who want to start new businesses, need a partner with SPECIFIC AND GLOBAL SKILLS in the production of wooden frames.