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Our mission is to revolutionise ways of working wooden window and doors and to be the bravest company on the market.

Courage that gives rise to our TWC philosophy, “Technology Without Compromise“, which has led us to go beyond the conventional limits of machines, thanks to the involvement of all the people working in Working Process and all the external partners in the entire supply chain. We dedicate our days to developing the most advanced ideas to be applied to the production of wooden windows and doors. In other words, we create cutting-edge technology, dedicated solely to those who produce windows and doors, following the production process in its entirety.

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working process freccina

Research and Innovation

We have developed the P-Philosophy and implemented it over the years to achieve the 6Ps of the Production Process.
The unique M.P.E. Working Methodology has added the 6P: Profit!

Doing research and development requires curiosity and a willingness to work hard, measuring your strengths and believing in yourself and your resources. Curiosity as an inquisitive desire about the nature of an object or phenomenon fuels science and human study: it stems from the desire to understand the infinite dimensions of reality and ensures that important discoveries and innovations are achieved through the search for answers to questions, even those far removed from practical applications.

Working Process over time


Birth of Working Process, revolutionising production methods.


Completion of the first complete line.


The Prefinished, Prerouted, Presawed production method asserts itself as outright trend.


The optimization of mechanical construction and logic enable us to successfully penetrate major European markets.


The “Team” method: a new production concept.


Birth of the "Logos Life" concept.


Birth of the "Logos Life Evo" line.


XS and XXS machine models + development of Evo line (extension of concept to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises)


"TWC" concept.


XIA (Xylexpo Innovation Award)


Launch of HEROES flexible and high-productivity machining centre (4 parts/min in 250 SQ M)


Purchase of 9,000 SQ M industrial shed with planned further 3,000 SQ M extension.


Technology Without Compromise

Technology without compromise

We do “Mechatronics”

(electronics applied to mechanical engineering)

We design and develop the mechanical part of our machines, as well as the IT, logic and supervisory parts. We take advantage of global knowledge and creatively make use of all the best materials technology, software, electronics… to create cutting-edge solutions for our partners and enable them to develop real competitive advantages over their competitors.

As good Italians, we like things to be beautiful, clean, sober and… “in the forefront”. We like to deliver strictly what we promise. But our work does not end with the delivery and testing of the system. Process quality is much more than product quality. We have created a virtuous system of project management for our partners that begins with the acquisition of the order and ends with the acceptance of the equipment.

We are proud… even of what you don’t find in our offer.

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