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Terra Lodge in Cape Verde by Ramos Castellano Architects Maximizes Efficiency

Hotel designers often suffer from the mixed blessing of abundance. With so many furniture, fabric,and finish options available, the best practitioners must excel at exercising restraint, at editing andcurating. This dilemma evaporates, however, in the sunshine of Cape Verde, a nation of volcanicislands 400 miles off West Africa. “It’s a totally different logic on Cape

Shavings of history:the
window tax imposed on
English citizens in 1696

The Victorian era was one of enormous transformation for British industry and architecture. It wasalso during the Victorian era that windows tax was abolished.The windows tax was imposed in England in 1696, was repealed in 1851 after campaigners arguedthat it was a ‘tax of health’, and a ‘tax on light and air’, as well as

History of windows

Windows as openings in the walls in order to let light in were first discovered with the egyptians.They mostly used animal hide, paper or fabric to cover those holes in the walls to protectthemselves from wind and other natural forces, but were still able to enlighten the room. But laterin the antique empire (around 100

7 Real Reasons to choose
Wood windows

uPVC or PVCu as it is now more commonly known (to conform with Europe) has seemingly, over the years,become the de facto material for window and door frames. This is especially apparent in new build housingdevelopments. Some homeowners, however, in particular those living in conservation areas, have always realisedthe benefits of natural materials over man-made.Here’s