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Autonome Fensterfertigung Auf der Ligna in Hannover zeigte der italienische Maschinenbauer Working Process, Niviano di Rivergaro, seine autonome CNC-Anlage für die Fensterherstellung, die Logos Life Evo XS. „In diesem Zusammenhang präsentieren wir für die Beschickung erstmals unser intelligentes Multi-Level-Magazin IMML“, erklärte Area Manager Oliver Rihl, Linz. Dabei lagert die Automatisierung die Rohwarenteile in dem Multi-Level-Puffer […]

Wolf Fenster, Working Process and Oertli: a perfect team game

CNC-Line works in perfect harmony with the Tools. In South Tyrol, window manufacturing is different to what you would see in Germany or Austria. The installation of the window is done with a sub-frame. To be able to produce those sub frames most efficiently, Wolf Fenster decided to invest in a new CNC-line. According to […]

Shavings of history: the window tax imposed on English citizens in 1696

The Victorian era was one of enormous transformation for British industry and architecture. It was also during the Victorian era that windows tax was abolished.  The windows tax was imposed in England in 1696, was repealed in 1851 after campaigners argued that it was a ‘tax of health’, and a ‘tax on light and air’, […]

What Wooden Window Alliance says?

Timber windows & doors? Nature’s solution that can last a lifetime. Whether you’re renovating your home, in the process of a self-build or just looking to the future, you want to source the very best – not least when it comes to products that will help protect your home from the elements. There are many […]

Terra Lodge in Cape Verde by Ramos Castellano Architects Maximizes Efficiency

Hotel designers often suffer from the mixed blessing of abundance. With so many furniture, fabric, and finish options available, the best practitioners must excel at exercising restraint, at editing and curating. This dilemma evaporates, however, in the sunshine of Cape Verde, a nation of volcanic islands 400 miles off West Africa. “It’s a totally different […]

7 Real Reasons to choose Wood windows

uPVC or PVCu as it is now more commonly known (to conform with Europe) has seemingly, over the years, become the de facto material for window and door frames. This is especially apparent in new build housing developments. Some homeowners, however, in particular those living in conservation areas, have always realised the benefits of natural […]

You are invited to assist the first steps… shavings!!! of the new Logos Life Evo 1153 XXS.

It was not easy and granted.   Working Process arrives in the Entry Level segment of CNC for woodworking Windows processing. TWC philosophy „Technology Without Compromises“ applied to the new machining center Logos Life Evo 1153 XXS.     A Unique machining work center in the Entry Level segment, able to perform extreme workings and […]

We are waiting for you to show you a preview of what was not there until today.

Not all the ideas turn on the light. Passion, work and commitment are necessary. HEROES is born from the synthesis of the whole TWC experience. 4 years of study and project. Milestone and technological revolution in the field. The only integrated solution of productivity and flexibility. Technology without compromises. Concept, Process, Product. We are waiting […]